Elise Høgberg


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography will always hold a special place in my heart. Weddings are such joyous, beautiful events, filled with laughter, tears and breathtakingly beautiful love. No matter how big or small, the stolen kisses and secret smiles, the overjoyed friends and families… I love capturing it all!

Family Sessions

Whether it’s capturing the first hours of your newborn child, a day of apple picking with your toddler or a day at the beach with your fur babies, I absolutely love family sessions. It doesn’t matter if they are mini hour long sessions or full day adventures, these are sure to result in magical captures you’ll cherish for years to come!



While I specialize in Wedding and Family photography, I’ve never been one to narrow down my interests and am always open to photographing any project that comes my way! Can’t wait to hear about the next project I can add to the “other /miscellaneous” section of the adventure that is my photography career!